Honoring The Flagler County’s Area Veterans: NAACP Veteran Affairs Committee’s Commendable Initiative

Honoring The Flagler County's Area Veterans: NAACP Veteran Affairs Committee's Commendable Initiative

October 9, 2023

The Flagler County area is home to a diverse and vibrant community that genuinely values equality and inclusion. The NAACP Flagler County Branch 5147-B, deeply committed to promoting these principles, is embarking on an initiative to recognize and celebrate the commendable service of local military veterans.

On November 10, 2023, from 12:00pm to 2:30pm, the NAACP will host a noteworthy event at the African American Cultural Society (AACS) hall in Palm Coast to honor veterans. The NAACP Meet & Greet provides a commendable opportunity for the community to show heartfelt appreciation for those who have served.

The event aims to reach out to various veterans, including those who participated in significant conflicts and wars, service-disabled veterans, and dedicated career military personnel. It seeks to create an inclusive atmosphere that sincerely pays homage to veterans’ remarkable sacrifices.

Veterans can register for the event by contacting Mr. AJ Evans at (732) 754-6186 or via email at star8181@verizon.net. Ms. Sonia White can be reached at soniawhite1947@gmail.com. Registration must be completed by November 6, 2023, to ensure their deserving inclusion.

The NAACP will work diligently to provide more volunteers to support the local Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organization. NAACP members selflessly volunteer to support the DAV by providing essential transportation assistance to veterans. Remarkable individuals like Delores Chambers-Dupuy and James E. Dupuy and Shelia Platt exemplify this dedication by ensuring veterans can access critical medical appointments, even if they are located at a considerable distance. In fact, Delores and Jim Dupuy stand out as the foremost volunteers in the Gainesville district, dedicating an astounding 3,602 hours over the course of 13 years to the DAV. Their commitment surpasses that of the individual in second place by over 600 hours, despite their 20-year tenure. Delores and Jim’s dedication and service are truly remarkable!

AJ Evans, of the NAACP Veteran Affairs Committee, brings his valuable military background to lead this commendable initiative, emphasizing the profound importance of recognizing veterans’ invaluable contributions.

In conclusion, the NAACP Flagler County Branch 5147-B, through its Veteran Affairs Committee, is making a noteworthy statement about unity, inclusion, and respect for veterans. The upcoming NAACP Meet & Greet event on November 10, 2023, is an opportunity to commendably honor those who have served the nation with unwavering dedication. By recognizing veterans’ commendable contributions and collaborating with organizations like the DAV, Flagler County continues to demonstrate its praiseworthy commitment to equality and support for all residents. All qualified veterans are encouraged to register for this commendable event to celebrate their exceptional service.




AJ Evans
NAACP Veteran Affairs Committee