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SPLC and Florida school district reach settlement to end racially discriminatory school discipline

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Local Issues That Your Branch is Monitoring





  • Equity Practices of the Bunnell Housing Authority
  • School District’s Discretionary Practices of Administering Discipline
  • School District’s Use of Resource Deputies
  • County Student’s Failing Rate
  • Wrongful Charges Against a Youth (cold case)

Desegregation and Flagler Schools

In regards to school desegregation, 67 public school districts in Florida, almost half, 34, have been subject to litigation in the courts with respect to school desegregation. Eighteen (18) of those districts have received a declaration of “Unitary Status” from the courts and have been released from further jurisdiction. Sixteen (16) school districts remain subject to court supervision, and of those only four indicate that they intend to pursue “Unitary Status.” Flagler County schools remains under federal court order. This explain there outright contempt for the law and suspension of black students. Click on the title above to view the document.                                                         Eric Josey


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